bellandotours 1970 - storia della società di noleggio veicoli e autolineeOur story lasts since the 1st October 1967…

On that day Dario Bellando was acquiring for 7 million pounds the historical lines Mattie -Susa and Mattie – Bussoleno. He bought also two coaches and after that he began to get known throughout the Susa Valley and beyond.

“I have always believed in tourism and in its potential: in ’70 I bought a coach with a TV system, it was the only one in all the province of Turin and it was so beautiful… It cost 21 million pounds. It was a huge amount and I didn’t have it, I used bills with endorsement because I was not yet well-known. The office was home, my wife was employee: people phoned asking most beautiful bus and the driver with the beard… It was me, but I never revealed to be the owner.”

Today the company has 52 vehicles… and the routes of 1967 have become the streets of Europe!


  • 1957 Beginning of taxi service based in Mattie with two cars
  • 1967 Constitution of Bellando Dario & C s.n.c. with the purchase of two buses and related services Mattie -Susa and Mattie- Bussoleno
  • 1968 The first employee was hired as a driver
  • 1970 Modernization of the vehicle fleet
  • 1971 Purchase of the 1st bus with all the comforts and begging of the car rental service in Italy and abroad
  • 1976 Acquisition  of the “Autonoleggi Girardi” and consequent purchase of its scheduled services for a territorial expansion towards Turin
  • 1985 Partial acquisition of “Autonoleggi Vial Torino” with their vehicle fleet and licenses
  • 1992 Acquisition of “Autoservizi Orlando” and related urban service packages in Bardonecchia and Sauze D’Oulx
  • 1994 Acquisition of rental and bus licenses from the Sestriere based “Autoservizi Garofalo”
  • 2002 Purchase of the first hybrid-fuel bus in Piedmont, diesel-electric driven with a very low environmental impact (Mercedes Cito O-520)
  • 2003 Certification of Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (VISION 2000)
  • 2004 Co-ownership acquisition of “Autolinee Gherra Sas”, Givoletto (TO)
  • Today. Focus on the modernization of the vehicle fleet and implementation of the managerial and organizational skills in order to maintain the competitive advantage gained over the years