Car Rental

Comfort and security

Car Rental

We’ve been working in Susa Valley for more than 50 years. It’s in the last period that we enforced our services to implement touristic and cultural activities and to offer job opportunities as well.

Our cars and coaches park consists of coaches from 8 to 79 seats offering our customer a total utilization spread. In order to satisfy the main prerogatives of safety, guarantee and travel comfort, all coaches, recently registered, respect a planned maintenance made by our qualified personnel.

According to the quality services, our enforces to assure comfort and attention to every little detail and to be competitive in an always more competitive market, put us athe the top of the transportation service.

Furthermore, we own a Mercedes S Class to satisfy yur agency and wedding services.


Our cars and coaches are equipped with the most modern comforts (TV, video screen, Hi-Fi, WC, Air conditioning, Reclining armchairs) ranging from the active and passive safety to the attention of the smallest particulars. These comforts are offered to assure the quality of every journey so that it’s a pleasant moment and a fine discovery of new places in a very relaxing and comfortable environment.


Our main targets are professionalism and skills in training our travelling and no travelling personnel. Our drivers are experienced since years and years they’ve been spending in travelling in Italy and abroad. They represent seriousness which is one of the aspects we trust in.

Mechanic’s workshop

The ordinary and extraordinary maintenance is guaranteed by the Bellando Tours’internal workshop which is capable to provide genuine parts and mechanical, body, electrics, engine, tire replacement, air conditioning adjustments. We do the routine maintenance, with regular coupons, every 25,000 km. After each trip, all vehicles are carefully washed and polished externally, disinfected and scentedinternally.

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