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Rules and norm


We follow the Regulation EC 561/2006 about road transportation made using vehicles designed to carry passengers.
According to local regulations (EC Regulation 561/2006), the conduct of rest periods, daily rest and weekly hours of driving daily, weekly and bi-weekly of drivers engaged in hiring servicesmust follow these guideline points laid down in art. 6, 7 and 8 of Chapter II of the said Regulations, if not risking significant penalties charged both on the worker and the company.

Summary of legislation


Driving time

– 9 hours of driving per day ;
– 10 hours of driving per day twice a week ;
– A maximum of 56 hours of driving per week (4 days 9 hours + 2 days 10 hours);
– Up to 90 hours of driving within two weeks.

Breaks after the period of 4.30h driving

– Rest 45 consecutive minutes after driving for 4 hours and 30 minutes, or two mandatory breaks , of at least 15 + 30 minutes within the 4 hours and 30 minutes of driving .
– Warning: the second break must be made of at least 30 minutes even if the first period was more than 15 minutes.

Daily rest (night)

– Regular rest: 11 uninterrupted and consecutive hours or two uninterruptedperiods of 3 + 9 uninterrupted hours;
– Shorter rest: three times a week may be less than 11 hours but never less than 9 hours.

Weekly Rest

– After 6 periods of 24 hours (6 working days)
– Regular rest : equal to 45 uninterrupted hours;
– Shorter rest: 24 hoursminimum, within three weeks there is the recovery that involves an extension of a 10-hour weekly rest period or a daily rest period .

Daily driver availability

In respect of the guidelines expressed above in point 1about driving hours, the maximum daily commitment of the driver is 15 hours if in the same 15 hours he/she can rest at least 3 hours.

Second driver usage:

If there is the need to employ two drivers who alternate in driving, every 30 hours both should be able to take advantage of a daily rest period of 9 uninterrupted hours.

Please contact directly our office if you need to make any change in time or location. In doing this, please remember to take always into account the application of the above set of rules.

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